Consultations may relate to:

  • legal advice
  • legal drafting
  • drafting legal contracts in British or Polish languages
  • advice or drafting on non legal matters
  • documents translation
  • legal or translation projects 
  • terminology  
  • legal proceedings
  • criminal proceedings
  • legal papers
  • criminal or civil files revision
  • sentencing
  • deportation
  • provisions of law
  • access to a solicitor or a barrister
  • access to free legal advice and representation
  • right and obligations of the parties to the contract
  • drafting legal clauses
  • interpretation of law
  • civil and criminal procedure rules
  • finding the grounds for an appeal exceeding the prescribed time limits
  • implementation of the Human Rights provisions
  • any other subject


Consultations may be delivered in two forms:

  • in writing
  • be spoken


Consultation may be delivered in languages:

  • English
  • Polish