I offer following services:


  •  Proofreading , whereby already translated  and edited document is being read by me to approve its content. It is a process of examining a text and looking  for spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation errors, typos and other unintended mistakes. Meaning of words and terminology is irrelevant here, and the work focuses only on the correctness of the text. It is a straight forward matter and does not require a vast amount of time, can be delivered in few hours. Proofreading is charged at around 25% of the price that would be charged for a translation of same text (standard mode).


  • Editing, whereby already translated document has not been edited, but merely was written/translated into another language. Here, there is a need to have two documents – in a source and a target language in order to analyse and compare them. This is a rigorous process and involves checking to make sure that correct terminology was used. This is achieved by using translators skills and a personal knowledge combined with a professional experience or/and researching each term that raises a doubt, or even terms that are unknown to the editor, to make sure that the right terms were used. Editing does not involve implementing changes to a text, but usually the MS Office tool is used – track changes feature – and the comments are added to a target language document. The editor only recommends changes and does not implement them. It is up to the original translator to correct their mistakes and for that reason recommendations of the editor should be sent back to the translator. Editing is charged at around 50% of the price that would be charged for a translation of same text (standard mode).


  • Correction, whereby already translated and edited document is rigorously verified much like copy editing. Here, the changes to a document are implemented. Correction may be done with prior edited text or on its own, in which case the same process as the one of editing will be followed, and the Client will receive the final draft of a document. It is a timely process and requires to have an eye for detail and a professional experience in the field of a target language. Correction sometimes may be more time consuming than a text re writing / re translating from a very beginning. It can be a frustrating process due to several checks that need to be conducted on both documents – in a source and a target language. The so called creativity of some translator does not help here – it is a case of either you do know or you do not. Imagine a translator in any language combination pair that never went or lived or worked or intercommunicated in a target or a source language. That all his or her knowledge is based on the available resources. There is a difference in speaking English and speaking English. And that difference is a cause of most errors in translations, due to lack of professional knowledge of terminology or inability to correctly interpret the letter of the law.  Correction is charged at around 75% of the price that would be charged for a translation of same text (standard mode).