I am the only Expert, a Language Specialist of Polish and English languages listed on the Charted Institute of Linguists website: https://www.ciol.org.uk/language-specialist?from=81 This means that I am able to interpret the letters of law in the way the courts and the judges will do, pursuant to the laws of the United Kingdom.

 I hold a LLB BA Degree in Political Science from the Higher School of Banking and Management in Wroclaw, Poland, and my final dissertation assessed the Presidential Election Campaigns in the USA, that was marked very well. This study was conducted in Polish language and I have started this education in September 2001 and graduated in June 2004.

From September 2006 to June 2009 I have attended and graduated the Thames Valley University, London where I have studied for the Degree in Law LLB (Hons.) I have achieved very high grades from following subjects: European Union Law 78%, Commercial and Consumer Law 73%, Public International Law 71%, Company Law 63% and Community Legal Advice 67%. Overall I have achieved upper second class honours. 

I have no Master, and from September 2008 to February 2009 I have attended the University of Westminster, London where I have undertaken the Postgraduate Diploma in Languages .

From September 2010 to June 2012 I have studied at the University of West London the so called Legal Practice Course (LPC), the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, FHEQ level 7. These are the professional solicitors exams, with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) approval. Among other modules I have achieved following grades: Solicitor’s Account 75%, Family Law 75%, Property Law 68%, Professional Conduct and Regulations 66%. The other modules included: Drafting, Interviewing and Advising, Wills and Administration of Estate, Taxation, Practical Legal Research, Advocacy, Immigration Law, Employment Law, Litigation (civil and criminal), Writing, Business Law. I do hold the SRA number since September 2010, however somehow I was never interested in joining the roll due to my work in alternative legal business structures and practising the types of law that did not required admission. I have conducted several civil litigations and assisted in many criminal cases.

From February 2012 to June 2012 I have studied the Philosophy of Mind short course at the University of Oxford. I also undertook lessons in British sign language. I am a member of several associations and my first professional membership was with the Middlesex Law Society, starting from year 2007.

In September 2018 I was accepted for the Phd study in law at the Queen’s Belfast University, however I did not pursue any further with commencement of this study.

In September 2010 I have received the Certificate in Westlaw – Legal Research, and then in September 2011 I have passed the exam organized by the EU Association of Translation Companies and was awarded the Certificate in Introduction to Public Service Interpreting IPIS. In May 2017 I have attended the training and passed the exam for the Personal Licence Holders HABC Level 2, organized by the Hamlets Training Centre due to my extensive work in licensing industry.

Returning to my professional membership in February 2010 I have been admitted to the Institute of Paralegals in London, with the rank of the Certified Paralegal (M.Inst.Pa) that I continued to hold until February 2012, due to my education and work for the government in Ealing Council. Subsequently from February 2012 to February 2015 I received a further nomination and my title was Qualified Paralegal (F.Inst.Pa). In February 2014 my membership grade was upgraded to Fellow Paralegal (also F.Inst.Pa) and I continue with this membership until today, 2019. Parallel since February 2010 I hold a Practising Certificate with the Institute of Paralegals in London, for that reason I am a Professional Paralegal Practictoner and I am listed on the Professional Paralegal Register website, the highest tier 4, you can read more on website: https://ppr.org.uk/paralegals/the-tiers-explained/  In addition from February 2012 to February 2014 I was an associate member of the New York City Institute of Paralegals.

In January 2018 I was accepted as a member by the Charted Institute of Linguists in London in languages combination: Polish and English and my designatory letters were MCIL. In January 2019 I have became Charted Language Specialists and currently, as mentioned in the first paragraph I am the only language specialist to be awarded this title.

I am also registered as a Sworn/Certified Translator with the Ministry of Justice in Poland since March 2018, and for that reason I am authorised to deliver translation service with an endorsement of a signature and Seal of Sworn Translator.  I am also authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.  This is an official ministerial role, and I was sworn to secrecy for that reason.

In addition from September 2018  I am a Non Ordinary Sworn Translator member of the Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators TEPIS.

In 2019 I have earned the following certificates enabling me to professionaly teach English language:

 TEFL UK: Teaching Business English (70 hour)


OPLEX: TEFL Foundation (Level 2) CPD Certified

OPLEX: TEFL Professional (Level 3) CPD Certified

OPLEX: TEFL Master (Level 4) CPD Certified

TEFL CAMBRIDGE: TEFL (Level 5) (140 hour)